Alliance for Bloomfield's Children Membership Application

Collaborative Partners



 The Alliance for Bloomfield’s Children (ABC) is a “Signature Partner” with Niagara Bottling, LLC (Niagara) as they both share a vision for positive outcomes for the children in Bloomfield.  For over two years, Niagara has supported the infrastructure of ABC and the continuation of the ability to offer parent trainings.  Niagara is committed to making a positive impact on society and in its local communities.  As a part of this commitment, Niagara’s local teams place an emphasis on serving the community in the areas of education, emergency need, beautification, environmental and health. 

First Congregational Church Child Development Center

First Congregational has been a supporter and collaborative partner of Alliance for Bloomfield's Children (ABC) for over 10 years.  They serve as the fiduciary agent for ABC and holds an ethical relationship of trust that goes beyond what they do in the best interest of ABC.  

Town of Bloomfield

 The Town of Bloomfield has been a champion supporter of The Alliance for Bloomfield's Children (ABC) by partnering towards establishing a strong foundation for the success of the children in Bloomfield.  The Town has supported the work related to early childhood education as ABC strives to build a partnership with family, school and the community to improve early childhood growth and development.    

Board of Education in Bloomfield

The Bloomfield Board of Education has been a champion supporter for The Alliance for Bloomfield’s Children (ABC).  The Bloomfield Board of Education and ABC have established a shared focus on early childhood, healthy growth and development, and increasing family engagement.  

William Graustein Memorial Fund

 The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund (the Memorial Fund) has been a funder for the Alliance for Bloomfield’s Children (ABC) for over 10 years.  In 2015, the Memorial Fund adopted a new mission to achieve equity in education by working with those affected and inspiring all to end racism and poverty.  Currently, ABC is working on the Inspiring Equity in Education 2018 Continuation Grant Opportunity funded by the Memorial Fund.  

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving


The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is a funder for the Alliance for Bloomfield’s Children (ABC).  Currently, ABC is working on the Hartford Region Early Childhood Collaborative Network Project funded by The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. The goal is to form a network that supports the healthy growth and development of the regions young children by working together to build a regional system that aligns and shares resources, data, focus areas and messaging across municipalities.  The initiative will work to align the individual collaborative's efforts regionally while intentionally connecting to the local and statewide systems.